SUBMAT25 6 liters 230 bars
225,14 €
Restrictions on Use: The bottles should retimbrado every 2 years. Maintenance tips: resistant to salt. Rinse with water is sweet only if kept longer. Make a retimbrado every 2 years, unless the bottle is inscribed in the register of material of a diving club. In this case, with a mandatory annual visual inspection, the retimbrado can be done every 5 years. Save stored Council standing with a minimum internal pressure (1 bar) in a dry area away from direct light. Designed for young DIVERS from 8 years or for short-term underwater interventions.
SUBMAT02 FLP 700 fins
35,33 €
Pala efficiency perforated for effective bi-material with minimal effort. Ribs power side and central edge energize propulsion. Slippers adaptability variable thickness ergonomic for comfort of the foot. Warranty: 2 Years
SUBACC12 Alien
36,82 €
Black silicone facepieces hypoallergenic, comfort and seal. Ease of use The frame is very light and offers little resistance to water. Easy adjustment Adjustable side buckles attached to the face for comfort. Compact Reduced Air Volume: 162 m3. Warranty: 2 Years
SUBMAT03 Avanti Tre Superchannel
59,40 €
Pala Bi-material efficiency with 2 nozzles and 1 center channel, flexibility and nerve. Power side reinforcements, broad blade and flexible channel. Shoe adaptability variable thickness. Warranty: 2 Years
SUBMAT24 Back pack
46,75 €
Fixative for the bottle in the back of Submarine BOTELLEA without jacket.
SUBMAT16 Mega Dry Bag
73,89 €
Supports Content fish fins long. 65 L. Abrasion resistance of PVC coated Nylon very resilient. Sealing / seal all seams are sealed hot. Easy care can rinse the inside and remove water down the drain the fund. Warranty: 2 Years
SUBACC04 Fish transport bag
21,17 €
Maintenance tips: resistant to salt. Rinse with water is sweet only if kept longer. Designed for carrying fish or shellfish
SUBMAT23 Regulator Mouthpiece
6,94 €
Flexible comfort Silicone mouth hypoallergenic. Warranty: 2 Years
resistant to salt. Rinse with water is sweet only if kept longer. Designed to replace the original nozzle to suit children from 8 years. Upload
SUBTEX04 DWS Jacket 500
53,04 €
Thermal insulation jacket 5.5 mm (torso) and 4.5 mm (arms), thin inner sleeve cuffs. Freedom of movement The absence of seam under the arms facilitates the movement of the arms. Abrasion resistance assembly attached / sewn. Easy to put on / take off area and ultra flexible neoprene sleeve cuffs fine interiors. Adaptability Ability to choose different sizes for the bib and jacket. Warranty: 2 Years