1- Object

The General Conditions are intended to regulate the conditions of use and use of the portal Internet at the address located at this address and who hold software company whose purpose is the marketing and sale of computer products.

The above website has been developed, created and designed to raise awareness and provide access to information contained in it, with the restrictions and limitations imposed by the General Conditions as well as allow and facilitate access to other pages with the Portal has business relationships, professional or other nature.

The mere use of the site, attributed to anyone who uses it, the condition of the user, who must be aware of and accept without reservation or exception, every one of the General Conditions set out herein.

The website holder is entitled to unilaterally change every one of the obligations under these Terms without notice. Also this able to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content on the Site, without prior notice. The modification of any of these conditions for a particular case shall be valid only when it has been collection in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party.

2- User Rights and obligations

2.1- Conditions of access and use

The conditions of access to the Website are subject to the laws in force at all times so as to the principles of good faith and lawful use of the User, expressly and specifically prohibiting any action that may undermine or harm the Site or third.

2.2- User Content and actions

The User undertakes to use lawful, diligent, honest and correct as much information or content accessible through this website and all under the principles of good faith and with respect at all times to the current legislation.

The User shall not obtain, except for personal use, how much information (information means any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and generally any kind or type of computer files, graphics etc ...) that is Site property.

User also takes a commitment not to maliciously or intentionally cause or damages that may impair, alter the Portal so as not to introduce or disseminate so-called "computer viruses" that can produce unauthorized alterations to the contents of the component systems Portal. The commitment is to be governed on the use, content in accordance with the provisions of law, morality and public order; not copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, alter or modify the contents without consent

Rates are valid unless typographical error in the case of a purchase made with a wrong price, we will proceed to the cancellation of the same, proceeding to the immediate refund of the amount.

2.3- Returns / Right of Withdrawal

The Article 45 of the Retail Trade Act (Act 7 / 1996) establishes the following exceptions to the right of withdrawal.

a) Contracts for the supply of goods whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market that the seller can not control.

b) Contracts for the supply of goods made to customer specifications or clearly personalized or which by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

c) Contracts for the supply of audio or video, discs and software which were unsealed by the consumer, as well as computer files, supplied electronically, which may be downloaded or reproduced with immediate effect for permanent use.

d) Contracts for the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines.

Customer agrees exception a) when making any purchase the computer store , there being no right of withdrawal, the legal right to apply only to security described in paragraph 3 of this contract.

If you seek the cancellation of the order before leaving the material in our warehouse (delivery note collection), will entitle computer store the decision of the merits of a refund. According to Article 44, paragraph 3, if refund is not applicable to the repayment of amounts of commissions set up, in particular, and not only: Cost of credit card gateway, Broadcast expenses for a transfer from our bank.

3- Warranty

Computer Shop will respond to potential failures or defects that could accommodate products provided within 7 days after the order date. The client must send the product to address provided to it, running it with shipping costs. Under no circumstances shall refund the fee in cash, but proceed to make an exchange for another similar product in If at that time this model was not in stock, customer would have two options: Wait again be stock or choose another model of equal or greater amount, paying the difference.

To accept a refund, the product and its accessories must be intact and must keep the original packaging, as well as the plastic protectors. In the event that the requirements were not met, the computer store is not responsible for the product and the customer would have to make use of the 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

The products are out of warranty for the following reasons:

- If you have received, once delivered to the customer, any failure by external events, accidents, ill follow the instructions, or changes in voltage.

- If damaged by making an incorrect configuration or installation of software, hardware and peripherals, by the customer.

- If there is a fault caused by a component not provided by Computer Store. .

- In your case, if the general conditions imposed by a manufacturer for a product so indicate.

After 7 business days from the date of purchase, your warranty will be provided by the manufacturer.

the computer store is not obligated to compensate the user or third party for the consequences of the use of the product, whether direct or indirect damage, accidents to persons, damage to property outside the product, loss of benefit or profit, damage arising from any damage or loss of data.